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Our first step in advocacy is to determine what needed to be done, what has been done, and what remains to be done - or undone.

Then we will plan the strategy - in partnership with our clients - designed to progress and achieve policy goals, defend against onerous regulations and secure business successes. And implement it.


We will integrate federal and state legislative campaigns, coalition building and management and political risk analysis as appropriate into the strategy.  


Oftentimes we will develop and manage community outreach, strategic communications and education programs to provide education and garner support from critical constituencies.



We help our clients craft and implement strategies that remove legislative and/or regulatory barriers or create governmental support for their business goals by:


  • Strategizing and putting ideas into legislative language

  • Recruiting legislative members to sponsor the legislation

  • Preparing testimony for presentation in committee

  • Gathering votes both in committee and in full session

  • Advocating with the Executive Branch, Departments and Agencies as the bill moves through the legislature

  • Providing federal and state lobbying services 

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